Saturday, October 17, 2009

2009-2010 North Carolina State Wolfpack Basketball Preview

NC State is coming off another disappointing losing season, but they have some of the best young talent in the ACC.

The Wolfpack have only two returning starters off last years squad, Javier Gonzalez and Tracy Smith.

They added two four star recruits in Richard Howell and DeShawn Painter, and talent forwards Josh Davis and Scott Wood.

The projected back court of the Wolfpack is probably the most experienced part of the team. They were also a weakness of last years team with Javier Gonzalez managing the point.

Although at the end of the season it looked like Javier had made some major steps forward in becoming a leader and a play maker instead of a turnover machine.

Another Interesting thing to watch for in the backcourt is the development of the two guard C.J. Williams and point guard/two guard Julius Mays.

C.J. Saw extended playing time last year until an unfortunate injury, and he was really starting to impress me. Mays saw extended playing time at the point last year, although his natural position is at the two guard. This year he could play either with point being crowded and state being thin at the two guard.

The Wolfpack are the youngest and most inexperienced inside the paint. They will largely depend on Junior Center Tracy Smith for majority of the scoring because of him being the only low post player with any college experience besides Dennis Horner.

The Wolfpack have the potential to be one of the ACC's best in teams in the low post with talented freshman forwards DeShawn Painter, Richard Howell, and Scott Wood. They also have junior center Tracy Smith returning, at times last year he was dominant down low scoring as many as 31 points in one game. He has to step up and be the leader for this young wolfpack team on the court.

I believe that this year will tell a lot about Sidney Lowe and what type kind of coach he really is. He really has his work cut out for him this year, but as I have previously said they have tons of potential and could be a top ACC team.

I think that the Wolfpack can finish at .500 or better, with a tougher non-conference schedule then years past with games against Akron, at Auburn, at Marquette, and Northwestern. I think this will help them prepare for their conference opponents.

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