Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hey all.

This is Cameron, one of the founders of Carolina Co-Op.

As you've probably read at a variety of places on this site, we cover the Atlanta Braves and NC State.

That may seem like an odd combination, but both of us have a never-dying love for our teams (I'm the Atlanta Braves guy, Allen's the NC State guy).

Both of us have been writing over at Bleacher Report for about six months and decided to branch out into the blogosphere with a site of our own after receiving numerous opportunities from other sites to write about our respective teams (both of us were set to write for before contract issues; Allen has a Raycom blog on NC State now-he gets a lot of free stuff-lucky bastard, and I am a Featured Columnist for the Braves at Bleacher Report).

We hope to produce high-energy, informative, and insightful pieces on Carolina Co-Op for our readers.

We hope that you enjoy our posts and (in the future) videos that we put on this blog as we mature as writers.

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